Biocaching is an online game that you play in nature by observing and identifying plants and animals.

Illustration of someone using Biocaching.

How to play Biocaching?

To play Biocaching you go out in nature, you find an interesting plant or animal and take a picture of it.

Then you find out what species it is, you note the place and time, and submit your picture as an observation.

You can share your observations with your friends, earn points, and see which species others have discovered in your area or around the world.

Why play Biocaching?

By playing Biocaching you can learn about the nature around you, while having fun outdoors.

And since your observations will be forwarded to national and international databases, you can contribute to research, science and decision making. You will become a real citizen scientist!

Illustration of how Biocaching contributes to other datasets.

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